Elena Maslova, Research areas: Typology


(with Tatiana Nikitina) Stochastic universals and dynamics of cross-linguistic distributions: the case of alignment types (submitted). [PDF, ms]

Case marking patterns in diachronic perspective. Paper presented at the conference “Syntax of the world's languages” (Leipzig, 2004; with Tatiana Nikitina).Handout (PDF) (conference website)

Information structure

Èvoljucionnaja stabil'nost' grammatičeskix strategij organizacii diskursa. [Evolutionary stability of grammatical strategies of discourse organization.]. To appear in Diskursivnye funkcii grammatičeskix pokazatelej [Discourse functions of grammatical markers], 4 (2007).[ PDF (in Russian)]

(with Giuliano Bernini) Sentence topics in the languages of Europe and beyond. To appear in Giuliano Bernini and Marcia L. Schwarz (Eds.), Pragmatic Organization of Discourse in the Languages of Europe. (Vol. 20-8). Mouton de Gruyter. (2006). [ PDF]

Information focus in relational clause structure. In Tasaku Tsunoda, & Taro Kageyama (Eds.), Voice and Grammatical Relations: In Honor of Masayoshi Shibatani. (pp. 175-94). Amsterdam; Philadelphia: J. Benjamins. (2006). [ PDF, ms]

Information structure in Tundra Yukaghir and typology of focus structures. In Jocelyne Fernandez-Vest (Ed.), Les langues ouraliennes aujourd'hui : Approche linguistique et cognitive. (pp. 599-610). Honoré Champion. (2005). [ PDF]

Yukagir focus system in a typological perspective. Journal of Pragmatics, 27, 457-75. (1997).

VS/SV in Russian and the thetic/categorical distinction. Sprachtypologie und Universalienforschung, 48 1/2, 106-24. (1995).

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Reflexive encoding of reciprocity: Cross-linguistic and language-internal variation. To appear in Ekkehard König, & Volker Gast (Eds.), Reciprocals and reflexives: Cross-linguistic and theoretical explorations (2007). [ PDF]

Reciprocal and Polyadic (remarkable reciprocals in Bantu). To appear in Vladmir P. Nedjalkov (Ed.), Typology of reciprocal constructions. [ PDF]

Reciprocals in Yukaghir. To appear in Vladmir P. Nedjalkov (Ed.), Typology of reciprocal constructions. [ PDF]

(with Vladimir P. Nedjalkov) Reciprocal constructions. In Martin Haspelmath, Matthew S. Dryer, David Gill, & Bernard Comrie (Eds.), The World Atlas of Language Structures. (pp. 430-33). New York: Oxford University Press. (2005). [ PDF]

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