Elena Maslova, Downloadable papers on Yukaghir

  • Tundra Yukaghir. Munchen: LINCOM EUROPA. Languages of the World/Materials 372 (2003)
  • Reciprocals in Yukaghir. To appear in Vladmir P. Nedjalkov (Ed.), Typology of reciprocal constructions. [ PDF]

    Dual nominalization in Yukaghir: Structural ambiguity as semantic duality. (To appear in 2006). [ PDF]

    Information focus in relational clause structure. In Tasaku Tsunoda, & Taro Kageyama (Eds.), Voice and Grammatical Relations: In Honor of Masayoshi Shibatani. (pp. 175-94). Amsterdam; Philadelphia: J. Benjamins. (2006). [ PDF]

    Conditionals in the Yukaghir languages. In Viktor Xrakovskij, S. (Ed.), Typology of Conditional Constructions.< (pp. 612-28). München: LINCOM. (2005). [ PDF]

    Information structure in Tundra Yukaghir and typology of focus structures. In Jocelyne Fernandez-Vest (Ed.), Les langues ouraliennes aujourd'hui : Approche linguistique et cognitive. (pp. 599-610). Honoré Champion. (2005). [ PDF]

    K tipologii prospektiva: kategorija providencialisa v jukagirskix jazykax [Towards a typology of prospective: Providential in the Yukaghir languages]. In Yuri Lander, Vladimir Plungian, & Anna Urmanichieva (Eds.) Irrealis and Irreality, (pp. 212-25). (2004). [ PDF]

    A universal constraint on the sensory lexicon, or when hear can mean ‘see'?. In Aleksandr P. Volodin (Ed.), Tipologičeskie obosnovanija v grammatike: k 70-letiju professora Xrakovskogo V.S. (pp. 300-12). Moscow: Znak. (2004). [ PDF]

    Evidentiality in Yukaghir. In Alexandra Aikhenvald, & Robert M. W Dixon (Eds.), Studies in Evidentiality. (pp. 219-35). Amsterdam; Philadelphia: J. Benjamins. (2003). [ PDF]

    From Imperfective to Progressive via Relative Present. In Aspect. Proceedings of the 26th Annual Meeting of Berkeley Linguistic Society, 431-443 (2000). [PDF]

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