Elena Maslova, Curriculum Vitae: Publications



(with Tatiana Nikitina) Stochastic universals and dynamics of cross-linguistic distributions: the case of alignment types (submitted to Linguistic Typology). [PDF, ms]

Èvoljucionnaja stabil'nost' grammatičeskix strategij organizacii diskursa. [Evolutionary stability of grammatical strategies of discourse organization.]. To appear in Diskursivnye funkcii grammatičeskix pokazatelej [Discourse functions of grammatical markers], 4 (2007).[ PDF (in Russian)]

Reflexive encoding of reciprocity: Cross-linguistic and language-internal variation. To appear in Ekkehard König, & Volker Gast (Eds.), Reciprocals and reflexives: Cross-linguistic and theoretical explorations (2007). [ PDF]

Reciprocal and Polyadic (remarkable reciprocals in Bantu). To appear in Vladmir P. Nedjalkov (Ed.), Typology of reciprocal constructions. [ PDF]

Reciprocals in Yukaghir. To appear in Vladmir P. Nedjalkov (Ed.), Typology of reciprocal constructions. [ PDF]

Dual nominalization in Yukaghir: Structural ambiguity as semantic duality. (To appear in 2006). [ PDF]

Stochastic OT as a model of constraint interaction. To appear in Jane Grimshaw, Joan Maling, Chris Manning, Jane Simpson, & Annie Zaenen (Eds.), Architectures, Rules, and Preferences: A Festschrift for Joan Bresnan. CSLI publications. (2006; ROA preprint (PDF)).

(with Giuliano Bernini) Sentence topics in the languages of Europe and beyond. To appear in Giuliano Bernini and Marcia L. Schwarz (Eds.), Pragmatic Organization of Discourse in the Languages of Europe. (Vol. 20-8). Mouton de Gruyter. (2006). [ PDF]

Meta-typological distributions. To appear in Sprachtypologie und Universalienvorshung. (2006). [ PDF]

Information focus in relational clause structure. In Tasaku Tsunoda, & Taro Kageyama (Eds.), Voice and Grammatical Relations: In Honor of Masayoshi Shibatani. (pp. 175-94). Amsterdam; Philadelphia: J. Benjamins. (2006). [ PDF, ms]

Conditionals in the Yukaghir languages. In Viktor Xrakovskij, S. (Ed.), Typology of Conditional Constructions.< (pp. 612-28). München: LINCOM. (2005). [ PDF]

Information structure in Tundra Yukaghir and typology of focus structures. In Jocelyne Fernandez-Vest (Ed.), Les langues ouraliennes aujourd'hui : Approche linguistique et cognitive. (pp. 599-610). Honoré Champion. (2005). [ PDF]

(with Vladimir P. Nedjalkov) Reciprocal constructions. In Martin Haspelmath, Matthew S. Dryer, David Gill, & Bernard Comrie (Eds.), The World Atlas of Language Structures. (pp. 430-33). New York: Oxford University Press. (2005). [ PDF]

K tipologii prospektiva: kategorija providencialisa v jukagirskix jazykax [Towards a typology of prospective: Providential in the Yukaghir languages]. In Yuri Lander, Vladimir Plungian, & Anna Urmanichieva (Eds.) Irrealis and Irreality, (pp. 212-25). (2004). [ PDF]

Dinamika tipologičeskix raspredelenij i stabil'nost' jazykovyx tipov. [Dynamics of typological distributions and stability of language types]. Voprosy jazykoznanija, 5, 3-16. (2004). [ PDF, in Russian]

(with Christian Lehmann) Grammaticography. In Geert E. Boji, Christian Lehmann, Joachim Mugdan, & Stavros Skopeteas (Eds.), An International Handbook on Inflection and Word-formation. (Vol. 2, pp. 1857-82). Berlin-New York: Mouton de Gruyter. (2004).

A universal constraint on the sensory lexicon, or when hear can mean ‘see'?. In Aleksandr P. Volodin (Ed.), Tipologičeskie obosnovanija v grammatike: k 70-letiju professora Xrakovskogo V.S. (pp. 300-12). Moscow: Znak. (2004). [ PDF, ms]

A case for implicational universals (A response to Michael Cysouw). Linguistic Typology, 7-1, 101-08. (2003).[ PDF]

Evidentiality in Yukaghir. In Alexandra Aikhenvald, & Robert M. W Dixon (Eds.), Studies in Evidentiality. (pp. 219-35). Amsterdam; Philadelphia: J. Benjamins. (2003). [ PDF]

From Imperfective to Progressive via Relative Present. In Aspect. Proceedings of the 26th Annual Meeting of Berkeley Linguistic Society, 431-443 (2000). [PDF]

Text Corpora: Grammatical queries and morphemic indices. Linguistic Exploration: Workshop on Web-based documentation and description. (2000; Web publication (HTML))

A dynamic approach to the verification of distributional universals. Linguistic Typology, 4-3, 307-33. (2000).

[with comments by Matthew Dryer, Revere Perkins and Fritz Schweiger in the same volume]

Stochastic models in typology: obstacle or prerequisite: Author’s response to commentaries. Linguistic Typology, 4-3, 357-64. (2000).

Reciprocals and set construal. In Zygmunt Frajzyngier, & Traci S Curl (Eds.), Reciprocals: Forms and Functions. (pp. 161-78). Amsterdam; Philadelphia: J. Benjamins. (2000).

Uslovnye konstrukcii v jazyke kolymkix jukagirov. [Conditional constructions in Kolyma Yukaghir]. In V.S. Xrakovskij (Ed.), Tipologija uslovnyx konstrukcij. (pp. 569-87). Moscow: Nauka. (1998).

(with Eugene Levine) Multimedia language documentation system. Preliminary specifications. Allgemein-Vergleichende Grammatik, Arbeitspapier 19. (1997).

LDS Corups: Grammar-oriented representations. Allgemein-Vergleichende Grammatik, Arbeitspapier 18. (1997).

Yukagir focus system in a typological perspective. Journal of Pragmatics, 27, 457-75. (1997).

(with Nikolay B. Vakhtin) The Far North-East of Russia (map & text). In S. A Wurm, Peter Mühlhäusler, & D. T. Tryon (Eds.), Atlas of Languages of Intercultural Communication in the Pacific, Asia, and the Americas. (pp. 999-1001, Map 111). Berlin ; New York: Mouton de Gruyter. (1996).

VS/SV in Russian and the thetic/categorical distinction. Sprachtypologie und Universalienforschung, 48 1/2, 106-24. (1995).

An approach to typology of sentence topics. In Giuliano Bernini (Ed.), Eurotyp Working Papers, 1-5. (1994).

O kriterii objazatel'nosti v morfologii. [The criterion of obligatoriness in morphology]. Izvestija rossijskoj akademii nauk, serija literatury i jazyka, 53-3, 44-50. (1994).

Jukagirskij jazyk. [The Yukaghir language]. Krasnaja kniga jazykov narodov Rossii. Moscow. (1994).

Cognitive strategies in the formation of topic constructions. Nordic Journal of Linguistics, 17, 127-39. (1994).

The causative in Yukaghir. In Bernard Comrie, & Maria Polinsky (Eds.), Causatives and Transitivity. Studies in Language companion series, v. 23. (pp. 271-85). Amsterdam; Philadelphia: J. Benjamins. (1993).

Grammatical encoding of pragmatic functions: The cases of Aleut and Yukagir. In Giuliano Bernini, & Davido Ricca (Eds.), Topic. Working Papers of Eurotyp 1-1. (1992).

Resultative and combined meanings in Kolyma Yukagir. Funcion, 11-12, 77-106. (1992).

Imperativ v jazyke kolymskix jukagirov. [Imperative in Kolyma Yukaghir.]. In L. A. Birjulin, & V. S. Xrakovskij (Eds.), Funkcional'no-tipologičeskie aspekty analiza imperativa. Čast' 1. Grammatika i tipologija povelitel'nyx predloženij. (pp. 27-31). Moscow: Institute of Linguistics. (1990).

Reciprok v jukagirskom jazyke. [Reciprocal in Yukaghir]. Sowjetische Finnisch-Ugrische Sprachwissenschaft, XXV-2, 120-27. (1989).

K voprosu o jukagirskom zaloge [About voice in Yukaghir]. (p.103-113). In F.V. Bondarko (Ed.), Funkcional'nyj analiz jazykovyx edinic. Moscow: Institute of Linguistics. (1989).

Verojatnostnye ocenki pozicii otkrytogo udarnogo sloga v morfemnoj strukture slitnoj russkoj reči. [A probabilistic analysis of the position of an open accented syllable in the morphemic structure of Russian discourse]. Naučno-texničeskaja informacija. Avtomatizacija obrabotki teksta, 2-2, 22-28. (1988).

Rangovye konstrukcii predloženija v jazyke tundrennyx jukagirov. [“Ranking” constructions in Tundra Yukaghir]. In L. A. Birjulin (Ed.), Problematika vzaimodejstvija jazykovyx urovnej. (pp. 120-27). Leningrad: Institute of Linguistics. (1988).

Sintaksičeskie klassy imennyx grupp v jazyke tundrennyx jukagirov. [Syntactic classes of noun phrases in Tundra Yukaghir]. In L. A. Birjulin (Ed.), Problematika vzaimodejstvija jazykovyx urovnej. (pp. 128-35). Leningrad: Institute of Linguistics. (1988).

Book reviews

Review articles

WERNER, H. “Die Ketische Sprache” & “Abriß der Kottischen Grammatik.” Linguistic Typology 5-1 (2001): 98-105.

McGREGOR, W. “Semiotic Grammar.” Studies in Language 3 (1999): 651-62.


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PLUNGYAN, V.A. (1993) Verb in an agglutinating language (the case of Dogon). In: St. Petersburg Journal of African Studies 2. (1994).

BECHERT, J., G. BERNINI and C. BURIDANT (eds.) (1990) Toward a Typology of European Languages. Linguistics 31 (1993).

Conferences, seminars, colloquia (since 2000)

Invited talks

Other conference presentations

  • Evolutionary stability in syntax. Paper to be presented at the second conference “Syntax of world languages” (Lancaster, 2006)
  • Case marking patterns in diachronic perspective. Paper presented at the conference “Syntax of the world's languages” (Leipzig, 2004; with Tatiana Nikitina).Handout (PDF) (conference website)
  • Double nominalization in Yukaghir: structural ambiguity as semantic duality. Paper presented at the conference “Syntax of the world's languages” (Leipzig, 2004) [Handout (PDF) (conference website)]
  • Cross-linguistic and language-internal variation as a manifestation of language universals: the case of reflexive/reciprocal polysemy. Paper presented at the conference “Diversity and universals in languages” (Stanford, 2004).
  • Conceptualizing the future: “providential” in Yukaghir. Paper presented at the 5th Annual Semantics Fest (Stanford, 2004)
  • Proto-Language and dynamics of typological distributions. Paper presented at the fourth International Conference on the Evolution of Language (Harvard University, 2002). [ Abstract (TXT) (conference website); Slides (PDF)]
  • Verbs of perception: when hear can mean ‘see’? Paper presented at the seventh International Cognitive Linguistics Conference (Santa Barbara, 2001).
  • Prospective and Resultative: a case of semantic interaction. Paper presented at the International Conference on Typology of Verb Categories (St. Petersburg, 2001). [ Summary (PDF)]
  • Text Corpora: Grammatical queries and morphemic indices. Paper presented at Linguistic Exploration: Workshop on Web-based documentation and description (University of Pennsylvania, 2000).
  • From Imperfective to Prospective via Relative Present. Paper presented at the 26th meeting of Berkeley Linguistic Society (Berkeley, 2000).
  • On emprical verification of distributional universals. Paper presented at the 2nd Winter Typological School (Moscow, 2000).

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