Elena Maslova, Curriculum Vitae: Teaching
At Winter Typological School, Moscow 2000
Probability in linguistic typology, University of Bielefeld, July 2006
  • This is a three-day (twelve classes) course, open to students from other universities! Please have a look at the course description if you are interested in learning how probabilistic and statistical concepts work in typology and how to apply them in cross-linguistic studies.

Yukaghir, St.Petersburg Pedagogical University (1990-1994)
Case, University of St.Petersburg, Academic Gymnasium (1993)
Typology of discourse-related syntactic phenomena, University of St.Petersburg (1993)
Causative constructions, University of St.Petersburg, Academic Gymnasium (1994)
Linguistics, University of St.Petersburg, Academic Gymnasium (1991-1996)
Introduction to Linguistics, Institut of Foreign Languages, St.Petersburg (1995-1996)
Begleitseminar Linguistik, University of Bielefeld (1997-1998)
Grammatikographie, University of Bielefeld (1997)
The structure of a non-Indo-European language (Yukaghir), University of Bielefeld (1997-1998)
Syntactic Typology, University of Bielefeld (1997-1998)
Wissenschaftliche Arbeitstechniken, University of Bielefeld (1998-1999)
Kognitive Grammatik, University of Bielefeld (1998-1999)